Buuteeq.com Websites – A Waste of Money!

Website Design is an art form and a science, get the mixture just right and you end up with a money making, amazing website. Today I want to talk a bit about Buuteeq.com websites and why no small business should ever have one. Really, NEVER EVER!

Many of you know that I, August Tassin, am a website designer alongside being a Real Estate Investor and marketer. One of my pet peeves over the past few months has been Buuteeq.com. In specific this is a hate of the con they play on businesses of all sizes but mainly they prey on small businesses. Conning small businesses of their meager marketing budget is so wrong in so many ways that it has earned my animosity.

I began designing websites in 2008, since then I’ve learned a lot about what makes a corporate rental or furnished rental web site work. Buuteeq.com knows a lot about web stalking technology but refuses to understand their business or their client’s customers. They sell by pressuring potential clients and their prices are simply not worth what little they actually offer. So, in today’s post I want to tell you a few things about Buuteeq.com and the websites they design for short-term real estate rental businesses.

Do they get found?
The short answer is not really. Buuteeq.com websites have a reputation of not being found on the first few search results pages. Also, ask yourself how many times you have found a website on one of Buuteeq.com’s overpriced facebook optimized servers. You haven’t. Most people use Google or Bing! People just don’t shop for a rental unit on Facebook.
Oh and despite what they may claim, Buuteeq.com nor anyone else has a “special relationship” with Google, or Microsoft, its a load of hoot!

Are they well designed?
Again, No. Almost all of the websites rolled out by the, so called, Designers at Buuteeq.com are templates – most look exactly the same minus the photo changes. To be asked to pay huge amounts of cash for this kind of service is ridiculous. Buuteeq.com may have a big stack of cash funding it, but they certainly don’t have a big reputation for good design or customer service at Buuteeq.com

Does Buuteeq.com sites bring in customers?
Once again, No. Sites from Buuteeq.com are optimized to serve Facebook ads and to track and stalk folks who click the add. I had them design build and host one of my sites for several months and I did not receive a single customer through that portal. Not one. When I asked why I was getting zero new traffic, they explained that the only way to get traffic was for me to transfer my other existing functioning and credible web site over to them and bring all the traffic with it. They wanted me to double down on a loosing bet and put all my business marketing into their unscrupulous hands. I said it was out of the question.

Website Tailored to the Business?
Erm, No. Buuteeq.com like many other companies that cold call people who sign up for their Free Basic Listing upselling them don’t ever find out enough detail from their clients. Their websites are at best generic and at worst … well suffice to say if the websites they “show off” on their website aren’t with Buuteeq.com any more, it tells its own story.

What about content?
Despite their early claims of developing content, this is not part of the service they provide. I provided them with 724 pages of my own content to work with and they used a template to build only 4 pages. They complained that the photos I provided of my properties were not good enough, or were too small in resolution. These are the same photos which work great on my other site! Clearly, their interest is not in generating leads for your business, it’s in generating leads for their business.

But does Buuteeq.com know what they are talking about?
Do they? mmm No. Buuteeq.com like many other companies who sell websites again via web Stalking are paying their staff on a commission basis. This is why when you get a phone call you are told you must have a website that does this and we can offer it to you for this price. If you say No, they ask to call back or don’t but call back anyway, they operate sly selling tactics at the best of times – simply remember the person on the phone is a salesman and knows nothing about website design. They won’t do what they say they do. Once you pay, they point you to a self serve tutorial. You will wonder what service you are paying for when you get no service.

Good Value for Money?
Erm, well you can make your own mind up from the above and this little bit of information. Buuteeq.com wants $150 to $300/month. I use Ipage.com to host my websites for about $20/year. If you want inbound links built for your SEO its an additional $100/month. Oh and you get complete access to all the code and content, you can update it when you want see website analytics when you want – and they will never cold call you. So are Buuteeq.com websites value for money? You tell me.


Buuteeq.com Websites – A Waste of Money!
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    Buuteeq.com Websites – A Waste of Money! | Ascension Corporate Rentals
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