Furnished housing, including apartments, condos, or hotel rooms can be very important for those that need a temporary place to live should they be in the middle of relocation or are only visiting a branch of their corporation.  Interim housing is available all across the country and can be a wonderful housing solution.  Lodging accommodations will need to be made for a guest that needs a place to stay.  Luxury condos, fully furnished and serviced extended stay hotels, and apartments are all available and ready to choose from.  You will need to decide if you need to look at rentals that allow pets for your guests since that may cost an extra money.  Studio apartments, one bedroom, suites or homes are also available to choose from.  Corporate apartments may be offered discounts due to not always having somebody live in the facility.  You should call each prospective residence and find out information on what is required to rent from them.  Private businesses that have guests visit them numerous times throughout the year may find that renting a private apartment will be cheaper for them instead of renting a hotel room.  Businesses that are looking for short term residence options can call Ascension Corporate Rentals and Corporate Apartments and see how much they would charge for the amount of time you’re interested in.  Fully serviced hotels can be more expensive than an apartment complex that is open to renting to corporate businesses.  You will also need to talk about what type of furniture the room will need to see if a furnished apartment will have what you require.

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