As an income property owner, have you ever felt like you have mishandled one of your rental inquiries and maybe lost out on a booking?easystreetSign

Below are some tips to help you convert new and existing rental inquiries into solid bookings.

Remember each inquiry represents a new potential revenue stream for your rental!


Be Proactive About Responses And Respond ASAP: It’s not uncommon for homeowners to setup an automated email message informing the person that the homeowner will follow-up with the inquiry, using the information provided and the communication preference selected, whether by phone or email, within a specified time-frame. This is a great idea and its a strongly encouraged practice, if done properly. Always read the auto-responder aloud to make sure it conveys the message desired, contains no grammatical or spelling mistakes, and reads how you envisioned it would.

Timing is Everything

Respect all your prospective guest’s time and respond in timely manner. If you are contacting the potential renter by phone or email, its a good idea to prepare your responses in advance. Having canned responses for greetings, frequently asked questions, and more can save you time and labor, allowing you to simply copy and paste them into an email or read them aloud during a call. It’s amazing how time consuming responding to email requests for information publicly available on your rental listing, but your response time can be the difference between having your rental booked or not. Planning your responses in advance saves you time and potentially earns you money in the long run. Plus, these small exchanges are big opportunities to engage your prospective guest and encourage them to book your rental.


Introduce Yourself: It’s important to put a face and voice behind your rental listing. Folks may have a hard time connecting with the property through online pictures, so let them build a real connection with you first. Be personal and friendly in your email responses or over the phone; sounding disinterested is a surefire way of mishandling your rental inquiries. When emailing, always make reference to the listing you are responding about by inserting a link directly to it in your message, and be sure to include a signature in your email as well as a link to your rental listings. Put yourself in their shoes: it’s easy to forget what website you found which house on, especially if you’re interested in several rentals. Having a link where your potential guests can see images and details about your listing is a great way to keep your property accessible and relevant. Don’t lose out on a booking because your guests cannot remember which rental you are responding about.


Make Them Remember You: Get prospective guests excited about your rental through storytelling. Let them Poolknow  what you love most about the property, the porch, the view, etc. Help them visualize themselves enjoying those features. Let them into your home, figuratively, through sharing some of your experiences. Guests will appreciate the potential and opportunity in the space more if they can become a part of it – and they can before they even step foot into it through your stories. For every question your prospective guests ask of you, they should receive your answer plus a story highlighting aspects of the rental. If they are asking about the garden, let them know the orange tree in the back offers the perfect snack and shade for children’s outdoor activities or the perfect spot have a BBQ style picnic! Every question is an opportunity to sell your property and your personality.

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