What is Corporate Housing? How do I setup a Corporate Rental in Ascension? How to get started renting a property I already own? How do I make money? Ascension Corporate Housing Success Stories! Welcome to the hi-dollar world of Corporate Housing or more said differently, furnished monthly residential rentals.  Learn how to make Corporate Housing an investment option?

Corporate Housing is part of the Extended Stay lodging segment offering an alternative to the transient environment of an Extended Stay hotel. Corporate Housing is also an option for the savvy real estate investor or property manager who is interested in maximizing the returns on their real estate investment. This page’s our goal is to introduce you to the Corporate Housing product and industry, give you a step by step guide on how to create the most profitable Corporate Housing Rental, give you some tools and checklists to save time in setting up your rental. To help you navigate these changes with confidence, we’re excited to share the CHBO Corporate Housing Handbook and the “by Owner” Corporate Housing Annual Report Executive Summary – a summary of the results from our annual “By Owner” Corporate Housing Survey. This is the fourth year of our survey and annual report allowing you benefit from the latest data, as well as comparisons and trends from recent years. The CHBO Annual Report in its entirety is also available. It is different than other property management annual reports. It reflects findings from individual property owners, rather than from full-service, corporate housing companies. This report is designed to help individual owners – like you – learn from relevant trends in your marketplace and achieve greater success.

via Learn: Yes, Corporate Housing is a Real Estate Investment Option | Corporate Housing Chat from CHBO.

Corporate Housing is a Real Estate Investment Option | Corporate Housing Chat from CHBO
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