Whenever I mention the phrase “corporate rentals” to a vacation rental owner or manager, they typically wonder:

a) How do people search for corporate rentals?

b) Does my city/town have any demand for corporate rentals?

c) What’s the ROI when investing in corporate renter marketing?

d) Are corporations even consider using vacation rentals (instead of hotels) in the first place!?!?

Today, thanks to my new partnership with the amazing folks at Tripping.com, we’re gonna dive into the juicy corporate rental data vault.

Of course, the man on the right is just a generic business guy…

But hopefully, after reading this piece, you can more accurately determine whether corporate renters like him are a potentially good fit for your property.

Corporate Rental Search Engine Keywords

Whether you’re tweaking your homepage SEO or simply better understanding search behavior, you’ll likely want to know what’s being searched.

And thanks to the SEM guru over at Tripping.com, here’s the keyword and keyword variations data that most big listing sites keep locked up in the company safe (in order of search volume):

  1. Extended Stay* + City
  2. Corporate Housing By Owner
  3. Corporate Rentals + City
  4. Corporate Housing + City

*It’s worth noting that the “Extended Stay” phrase is likely skewed by the popularity of a brand of the same name.

via Would you rent to this man? Corporate Rentals by Owner Marketing.

Corporate Rentals by Owner Marketing

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