Corporate Housing for Film Crews

Many states offer film incentives now, which can be lucrative to the corporate housing industry.

When Louisiana offered tax incentives for filmmakers to move their business here, the money followed. (Economic impact study)

Now it seems like every state in the union is trying to get a piece of the pie. Michigan has had substantial success with landing new film contracts. SAG, or the Screen Actors Guild, lists film incentives by state. If you want to get a step ahead of the ball, you may want to check out their website and figure out which states are offering the biggest incentives this year.

It isn’t only actors that land work in these states. The carpentry business will also see demand, and in our case, the corporate housing industry gets new requests. offers lists of hotels, however there aren’t many corporate housing providers listed. It would be better if corporate housing providers were listed because it demonstrates a lower cost of film making in Louisiana.

One enterprising Michigan provider has even named themselves Film Crew Homes and seem to specialize only in film industry bookings.

If you go on any production company forum, you realize that people in the film industry have long memories for people and events.  Corporate housing is more comfortable and creates a better work experience for film crews than an extended stay at a hotel.


Corporate Housing for Film Crews
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