Major Manufacturing continues to invest in and around Ascension Parish.  This building boom is creating many temporary jobs for workers from all over our country.  Geismar Furnished Rental demand will likely increase.  

Furnished Temporary Housing is the best option for these workers.  It is more affordable and comfortable than hotels and it does not therefore interfere with Louisiana’s strong tourism market by using up all the rooms.  Some have argued that visiting workers should use trailer parks.  However not only does this create blight for many years, it fails to show our guests the comforts and joys of southern hospitality.  Forcing visiting skilled craftsmen and women into trailer parks is not only unkind, it is unwise.  We have an abundance of built in place housing in need of renovation and use.  Smart investors will rejuvenate the existing neighborhoods into lively nice places to live.  Trailer parks will have detrimental effect where ever they are placed.  

Be smart Louisiana!  Use this building boom opportunity to invest in and build up existing neighborhoods instead of driving down values with bad ideas.


Article below for reference

Methanex CEO: ‘It is possible we’ll be moving a third Chile plant to Geismar’

Vancouver-based Methanex, the world’s largest supplier of methanol, has already announced that it’s moving two of its four Chile production facilities to Geismar. Now it appears a third plant relocation to the Ascension Parish is also possible. Speaking at the annual Methanol Policy Forum in Washington, D.C., recently, Methanex President and CEO John Foren said the company is considering building a new plant at its Canadian site in Medicine Hat, Alberta, adding that it’s also considering relocating more of its Chile and China production facilities to the United States, chemical industry news service ICIS reports. “It is possible we’ll be moving a third Chile plant to Geismar, Louisiana and we’re also looking at a new build in Medicine Hat,” ICIS quotes Floren as saying. Floren also said that of the five U.S. methanol plants that the company moved offshore in the mid-2000s, three went to China. Citing the shale gas revolution, Floren said those China plants “may come back to the U.S.” It was in April of last year that Gov. Bobby Jindal joined Methanex officials in Gonzales to announce the second plant relocation to Geismar. The first plant is expected to be operational by the end of this year, and the second by early 2016, Methanex said in its fourth quarter 2013 report released in late January. In total, the two Geismar plants will bring a $1.1 billion investment to Ascension Parish. —Staff report

Geismar Furnished Rental demand will increase

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