Corporate Housing news: Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Announces Expansion In Geismar And Luling

New project in Ascension, St. Charles parishes to retain 55 jobs, result in more than 85 new direct and indirect jobs, along with 300 construction jobs.  These types of construction projects create demand for Furnished Corporate Housing and Temporary stay apartments.

BATON ROUGE, La. — Today, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Executive Vice President Dale Plante of Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. announced the company will construct a new chemical production facility in St. Charles Parish and upgrade the plant it currently operates in Ascension Parish. The plant expansions, represents a capital investment of $66 million.

The project will retain 55 existing jobs at the Geismar, Louisiana, plant while creating 13 new direct jobs, with an average annual salary of $82,300, plus benefits. Eight of the new jobs will be located at the new plant in Luling, Louisiana, and five of the new jobs will be in Geismar.

In addition, Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project will result in an estimated 74 new indirect jobs, for a total of more than 85 new jobs in the River Parishes. Plant construction at the two locations will result in an estimated 300 construction jobs.  As corporate housing providers Ascension Corporate Rentals is excited to learn that these projects are coming to our area.

Corporate Housing
Corporate Housing

“It is an encouraging sign to continue to see growth in high-paying jobs in St. Charles Parish, adding to our already robust market,” St. Charles Parish President V.J. St. Pierre Jr. said about the Luling project. “By utilizing space at an existing facility, this project will add economic opportunities, Demand for tax revenue and long-term viability for the Monsanto site.”  Surrounding Corporate Housing business are likely to benefit not only from the expansion but also from future projects and large maintenance efforts.

“Greater New Orleans Inc. is pleased to welcome Momentive Specialty Chemicals to the region,” GNO Inc. President and CEO Michael Hecht said. “Momentive Specialty Chemicals’ decision to invest in the Southeast Super Region underscores that Louisiana’s combination of logistics and business climate make it a top location for industrial projects.”

The expanded plant at Geismar also will have a direct pipeline delivery system into the adjacent manufacturing sites of BASF Corp. and Huntsman Corp.

via Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Announces $66 Million Formaldehyde Expansion In Geismar And Luling | Louisiana Economic Development.

Corporate Housing News: Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Announces Expansion In Geismar

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