Money Saver: Clothes Dryers



Furnished Housing customers want access to laundry facilities.  According to the article excerpted below, Clothes dryers consume more than $100 worth of energy per year in a typical home. The following tips will help keep dryer energy use from spinning out of control:

  • Dry full loads; it saves energy and saves you time.
  • Dry towels and heavy cottons separately from lighter-weight clothes.
  • Don’t over dry clothes. If your dryer has a moisture sensor, use it.
  • Clean the lint filter in the dryer after every load to improve air circulation.
  • Check the dryer vent regularly and keep it clean.
  • Air dry clothes whenever possible; it’s free and can extend the life of some fabrics.

Looking for more ways to save? Money-Saving Quick Tips includes cost-saving strategies for home appliances, lighting, and more.

via Solutions Plus: Money Saver: Clothes Dryers.

Furnished Housing Money Saver: Clothes Dryers
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