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Corporate Apartment for rent sign
Corporate Apartment for rent sign

Spacious Living room






1) Be Honest; overselling, false photos, or outright lies are bad for business and your karma. Be kind, truthful and persuasive. read more…

2) Post Great Photos; Too often, we see low-quality pictures that do little to actually inspire renters to take action. Low quality, grainy, pictures can actually make potential renters skip your property listing Furnished Apartment 2014 (35)altogether. To get around this problem, skip the cell phone shot and use a professional-grade camera. With DSLRs coming down in price so much, chances are good that you can afford one. Even a high-end digital camera can take better photos than your smartphone.  Yes your phone does great selfies, but it probably does not do good Real Estate Photography. read more…

3) When writing descriptions; use storytelling techniques to engage visitors. No, you don’t have to be a professional writer to write compelling real estate copy. All you need to do is share facts and relate to your audience. Give customers a sense of what it would be like if they lived in the home and use real-life scenarios. For example: “The pool allows for great summertime fun with the family, while the lush shade trees surrounding the home create a wonderful suburban aesthetic.” Who wouldn’t want to rent that property?

Ascension Corporate Rentals
Ascension Corporate Rentals

Source: How to Write Great Real Estate Listing Copy

Great Real Estate Listing Advice

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