When out-of-town projects mean you’ll face long stretches away from home, even the spiffiest hotel room can become boring, costly and a drain on your productivity.

If you dread lackluster hotel rooms and crave a few creature comforts, there are lodging alternatives out there that will:

1. Save you money over standard day rates

2. Offer studio apartment-or-larger lodging options with homey features

3. Give you and others in your company flexibility to come and go as needed.

Action Steps

The best contacts and resources to help you get it done.  Define your needs. Staying a few weeks; months?  The extended stay concept makes sense if you want added features in a studio or suite setting and you can sign on for a minimum one-week stay. For longer stays (a month or more) or an openended lease, fully-furnished corporate housing is the way to go. There are new players and venerable oldies in the budget extended stay arena. Features and geographic locations vary.

Is luxury a top priority? There’s no shortage of options. If you want a suite outfitted with a pillow-top bed, fireplace or whirlpool bath, you’ll find that and more at several upscale extended stay chains.

For longer-term stays, look into corporate housing.

When ongoing projects keep you away for weeks, opt for fully furnished apartments with plenty of amenities in residential neighborhoods.

I recommend: Look into Ascension Corporate Rentals and Corporate Apartments and Corporate Rental Louisiana

Let others help you sort out the details.

These exceptional sources survey, report on, evaluate and connect properties and customers.

Guide to Extended Stay and Corporate Housing

How to avoid hotel room blahs on long business trips

Need Corporate Housing? We Can Help You Locate a place Fast

Tap into our extensive network short-term housing providers to furnished apartments in South Louisiana

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http://www.work.com/extended-stay-and-corporate-housing-57/ 04/03/2007I recommend: Check out Biz-Stay.com, Interim Housing Solutions, and SuiteNet.

Tips & Tactics

Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

*Watch for ongoing reflagging and renaming of extended stay chains. Several hotel groups are spinning off that product or acquiring smaller regional groups to add to their mix.

* As a bonus, you might earn frequent guest points for your extended stay. Make sure you get credit if there’s a program tie-in.

* Some corporate housing services offer pre-arrival grocery shopping.

* Housekeeping services can vary. Some include it in the price (though usually not daily); some offer it at an extra cost.


Guide to using Extended Stay and Corporate Housing
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