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Donaldsonville area hotels and Ascension Parish area Hotels have been priced at $60 to $70/ night for many years.  However the influx of temporary workers needing housing has driven up prices despite numerous new hotels opening.  Hotel Prices have risen above $100/night in Ascension Parish.Hotel PricesParish Officials saw this demand coming but did not all recognize the value in the current stock of under-utilized housing.  One of the best ways to revitalize our older housing is to re-purpose it into the Furnished Housing Market.  Some visionary investors have already started and are cooperating through the newly formed River Road Bed and Breakfast Association

Temporary workers would much prefer to stay in Furnished Apartments, Corporate housing, or short term apartments.

With so many workers in Ascension Parish, especially in the Donaldsonville area, there is no doubt there will be demand for safe quiet comfortable housing nearby.  No one wants to live in a hotel for months at a time even at lower prices.  With Hotel Prices above $100/night, Furnished Corporate Housing is a big with for the local economy, the older housing, and for the temporary workers visiting our area..  Ascension Corporate Rentals provides furnished extended stay apartments and corporate housing accommodations within a few miles of many manufacturing sites.

Ascension Corporate Rentals
Space to Relax
Furnished Rental Home

Corporate Rentals are more comfortable and more affordable.

Trailer parks tend to have high burglary rates and low community acceptance.  High Hotel Prices will keep demand for Corporate Housing strong in Ascension!


Housing Preservation Companies are located in most areas of the state and primarily serve low- and moderate-income residents. Preservation Companies are required to serve areas where there are significant unmet housing needs for the low and moderate income population.

Community-Based Housing Organizations are making a direct impact on the quality of life in the inner cities, towns, villages, and remote rural communities of our state by providing a wide variety or services to low- and middle-income families, the elderly, and persons with special needs such as temporary workers. Examples of services provided include, but are not limited to, developing and/or rehabilitating housing, assisting first-time home buyers, organizing tenant associations, providing tenant assistance, forming community and neighborhood watch programs, developing job training programs, youth mentoring, and organizing community activities.

Demand for temporary housing and Hotel Prices

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