GBTA Talks Travel Statistics…

by AvenueWest Corporate Housing

175% – Business travel spending in Brazil has increased by 175% since 2005; in China, that number has increased by nearly 300%.

$1.1 Trillion –  Worldwide, business travelers will spend nearly $1.1 trillion (USD) in 2012, roughly equal to the GDP of South Korea, the world’s 15th largest economy.

68% – In the United States, 68% of all business travelers operate under a managed travel program.

80% – A business traveler who visits Chicago pays 80% more in taxes during a one-night stay than a traveler overnighting in Fort Lauderdale.

8% – At US companies with managed travel programs, ancillary fee expenses account for 8% of all travel expenditures.

!! China is set to become the biggest spender on business travel, surpassing the United States, in 2015.

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Travel Statistics…
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