Ascension Corporate Rentals offers condolences and options for Flood victims still dealing with high water

Posted: May 31, 2014 4:49 PM by Troy Gaulden 
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ABEN – High water surrounds several Ascension Parish homes in the small community of Aben for the fourth-straight day.

The water flooded the homes on Mount Bethel Road just days ago after more than ten inches of rain in the area. The water has gone down a few inches, but several residents in Aben still have knee-deep water at their doorsteps.

While coping with flood damage, Sandra Francois and her neighbors must deal with the unsightly view of standing water around their homes.

“It’s miserable. I’m used to sitting out there in the yard. They have a table out there that was under water. I’m used to being outside in the yard. I’m used to having my granddaughter out here on weekends so she can play outside, but it’s not happening at this moment,” she said. “At least on tomorrow when I get ready to leave my house to go to church, I may not have to walk in that filthy water.”

Friday flood victims received cleaning kits from the American Red Cross to sanitize homes. Some victims couldn’t bear the loss of belongings and the high water making it difficult to get indoors.

“Right now I’m from house to house right now. I really need assistance. I am a diabetic and have an amputated toe. I really need help. I need medication right now, you know, food, clothes, shelter. I need somewhere to stay right now,” said Shelia Valentine Coleman.

People in the Aben community want answers from parish leaders on why the water did not drain anywhere for days. Councilman Kent Schexnaydre told News 2 over the phone that the parish maintains the canal behind the homes in Aben up to the Ascension and St. James Parish line. Schexnaydre says it is then up to St. James to clear the canal on its side.

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