Ascension Corporate Rentals shared Heroes on the Water Louisiana Chapter’s post. 17 mins · Edited · This past weekend I learned about a great organization! Heroes on the Water helps our Nation’s warriors and veterans from all branches of the United States military unwind using the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. What looks like a day trip of paddling and fishing is in fact something much deeper and long-lasting. Please go to their web site at and get involved or show your support with a post and a share!

Heroes on the Water Louisiana Chapter event

As many as one in three combat veterans suffer painful symptoms that include flashbacks, avoidance, isolation and hyper-arousal reactions, which can manifest into anger outbursts. This can lead to broken marriages, job loss, loneliness, homelessness, addiction and suicide.

Studies show engagement in the outdoors, even the simple pleasure of paddling a kayak, can make a difference by steering potential victims away from the edge. This is the therapeutic focus of Heroes on the Water.


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Heroes on the Water

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