The Captian's room

Our properties are designed and supplied for your comfort and enjoyment.  Our guest rooms are inviting and comfortable.  Window shades are room darkening in case you need to sleep during the day.  Walls and ceilings have been insulated against temperature and sound for your comfort.  We aim to provide a good night’s sleep.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

If you want comfort, convenience, and a great value in your temporary accommodations, then you want to stay with us at  If you are looking for safe locations, well priced, furnished apartments in Ascension Parish, St James Parish, or Iberville parish, then you have come to the right place.

Enticing Porches
Enticing Porches

If you want to enjoy breezy southern porches, if you would like to eat sun-warmed fruit straight off the organic fruit trees, if you can appreciate the might and majesty of the Mississippi river as you walk the levee top, then you owe it to yourself to come stay with us at  We are your source for furnished rentals, temporary apartments, vacation rental homes, and corporate suites in Ascension Parish and surrounding parishes.

Comfortable rooms for your temporary stay
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