Extended Stay Hotels Provide an Option for People Needing Temporary Lodging for less than one month.  However if you are staying more than 30 days, your best option is Corporate Rentals.

Business travelers on weekly trips, people who need to be with a loved one while they are in the hospital and movers who have to be out of one place before being able to move into another are just some of the people who appreciate having the option of an extended stay hotel.

This type of lodging is intended to be a more home-like environment than the typical hotel. In addition to having a place to sleep, guests usually have access to laundry facilities and have a full kitchen that includes a sink, refrigerator and dishwasher. How to Find an Extended Stay Hotel That is Right For You Different hotel chains have different ideas about what qualifies as an extended stay and require that you make a commitment to stay for a specified period of time.  When staying for 30 days or more, Furnished apartments, or corporate rentals are usually more comfortable and more economical, with all the same advantages over hotels.

The average amount of time that is required for a minimum stay is generally one week, so keep that in mind if you need less time than that. You will want to research several different extended hotel chains to see which one has the features you need. Some of the more popular chains currently are Extended Stay America, InTown Suites and Homestead Studio Suites.

Do research for Corporate Rental and extended stay locations in the area and then make sure you check out their websites before registering as a long-term guest.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

In most cases, staying in an extended stay hotel is a more economical option that staying for several nights in a traditional hotel.  However, if you are from out of town, you need to consider location when making the final decision on where to stay. This is due to the fact that most mainstream hotels are located within the city limits and are close to the places where you may need to visit often while you are in town. If you need to pay for a rental car and do a lot of driving to get to the places you need to be, it may offset the savings you would receive from choosing an extended hotel over a traditional hotel.  Corporate rentals can be owned by individuals and their proximity can be highly variable.  Don’t overlook corporate rentals as an option.


Extended Stay for Temporary Lodging
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