Formosa Petrochemical Corporation
Greenfield Chemical Plant

Location: St. James Louisiana

In July of 2015, Zephyr began assisting Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPCC) with environmental consulting and permitting for a large multi-billion dollar billion greenfield chemical plant project located along the Mississippi River in Saint James Parish, Louisiana.  Once in operation, the FPCC USA LA complex will use ethane and propane to make ethylene and propylene, ultimately producing high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene glycol.  In addition to these chemical production processes, the FPCC USA LA complex will also include support facilities such as utilities, wastewater treatment plant, and storage and loading operations. The proposed FPCC USA Louisiana complex is anticipated to be one of the largest single-site ethylene production complexes in the world.  Zephyr prepared air permit applications which are current under review by the LDEQ.  Zephyr and our subconsultants conducted field surveys (wetland assessments, threatened and endangered species habitat assessments and cultural resource assessments) for the 1800 acre site.  Zephyr will continue to provide environmental permitting services with the preparation of US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and Coastal Use Permit (CUP) joint application and required water quality permits.


Source: Environmental Permitting for the FPCC LA Chemical Complex – Zephyr Environmental Corporation

Formosa Chemical Complex in St. James

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